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Having worked with tense horses and riders since 2009, Karin has a keen eye to analyze the movements of the horse and rider. Her calm attitude, paired with sharp observation skills and patience has made her successful in improving many horse and rider relationships around the world. She combines her years of experience in Equine Bodywork & Groundwork for the horse plus Seat Improvement & Yoga for the rider, to create a harmonious partnership between horse and rider - built on trust and respect.

Karin Spitzlei is originally from Germany and certified in Equine Osteopathy with a background in Human Physiotherapy and certified in Kinesiology Taping,

Saddle & Seat Evaluation, Dry Needling and TCM Acupuncture.

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An independent seat is wonderful to have, beautiful to see, but difficult to achieve. Through Rider Yoga on the ground we improve the riders balance and flexibility and can address tense body parts. Once mounted we will work together on balancing without gripping, relaxation in the saddle, and improving your body language for a better communication with the horse. 


Bodywork sessions can enhance your horse's gait, range of motion, and stamina. We will work with the horse to release tension in essential core muscles and joints that can affect movement and performance. The reward of helping the horse release tension on this level can be significant.

Safe and smart Groundwork can help build the foundation for a confident, well-behaved horse

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